How To Get A Horse To Survive To 30 Years 

Okay, if the horse is 25 years of age or older, you will notice its health start to diminish...this is normal. To make sure that it reaches 30 to get oyur pass when it dies if you send it to hevan (not the safe haven), follow this:
5 hours meadow
2 hour stall
stroke 2xs
salt stone
feed (i always try and feed 5 lbs more than what it needs, cause if you keep its weight up, it will not lose as much health as fast)
If the horse is under 25 years of age, you will have to break your normal routine for a while (until health and weight is up...weight is normally why their health diminishes before 25)
Follow this:
3 hour meadow
2 hour stall (or box)
lessons 2 xs
stroke 2 xs
salt stone
feed (what it needs to get 19 lbs of food)

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