How To Get Money For The Vet Quickly 

Vet money:
-dont go on your mares page, she wont age giving you a chance to earn money

-sell everything. dung, turnips, apples, even saddles and bridles, but you can sell them if the equipment went through your saddlery

-sell a horse if possible. it will take 3 days, but at least you should get enough money, make sure you stay off your mares page.

-use a piece of cloud. your horse will go back in time 4 months, giving you an extra shot to earn the money

-do lessons and put your horse in the pasture to eat. it doesnt cost money.

-if you have a stud, offer some coverings

-take part in competitions, you get money whether you win or lose

-get a job. keep off your mares page and take care of another horse in the meantime, you will still be paid if you take care of another horse.

-credit your reserve with a pass

-buy a horn of plenty, they can have money in them sometimes.

if worse comes to worse, you will have to lose the foal, but at least the mare will be fine. make sure before you breed you have plenty of money in your reserve.

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