This works regardless of breed and means you can gain your 20 wins without being suffocated by the monster skillors.



Complete short trot rides to 0% skill (increases speed)
Complete Dressage training to 100%
Complete Speed trianing to 100%


During speed training you will need to take regular breaks to recoup energy - spend a few hours in the box every day until you find a tub of grease (ToG)

Every time you find a ToG stop all training/ rides and purely enter comps - Focus on comps in your horse's worst skill area at first (for connies i enter ttrot and gallop races till I have a few wins), then his best (for connies i enter cross country)

Only enter comps you know you have a chance at (check the other entrants out first and if they are higher skilled than you then avoid them)

Enter the lowest level comps you can find

Put another one of your own horses in there with lower skills or low health to help 'fill'

Once the ToG runs out go back to training, or completing short rides

Every time you find a ToG enter more comps.


Now go back and complete training to 100% in your horse's best 3 skills, and rides to 0% (see bottom of thread for which rides & comps increase which skills)

You should have a horse with its 3 best skills bolded, and 20 competition wins under its belt. All you need now is to age to 10 years if he isn't already

**NOTE** Increasing only speed and dressage first means that your horse will have high skills but still be low enough in its very best skill, to enter the lowest level comps. This means you can avoid the monster skillors that dominate the higher level races.

Different breeds may benefit from other training methods, and for that reason there are trianing methods for each breed detailed in another post on my forum


Your horse has 6 skills, 3 of which are his 'top skills' - You can click on his breed to find out what those are. Once you know your horse's top 3 skills you can do rides, train, and enter competitions accordingly, in order to gain enough skill for 100 BLUP.

Below are listed the types of rides and competitions, and what skills can be gained from them.

short trots: speed, dressage and trot
short gallops: speed, dressage and gallop
short sloping land: speed, dressage and jumping
long trots: stamina, dressage and trot
long gallops: stamina, dressage and gallop
long sloping land: stamina, dressage and jumping

Most comp types give 3 different skills just like rides do (the exception is cross country, which only gives 2):

show jumping: speed, dressage, jumping
cross country: stamina, dressage
gallop races/barrels: speed, dressage, gallop
trot races: speed, dressage, trot

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